Hypnosis & Intuitive Awakenings

Grow Your Practice And Fill Your
Appointment Book . . . With Ease!

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The Plan. The Steps. The Confidence
To Earn More Money & Attract More Clients To Your Business

After this 1 Day Workshop you will:

Gain clarity about your specific client.

Know how to target their specific problem so they want to work with you.

Gain clarity for your hypnosis practice.

Let go of the confusion around marketing yourself.

Let go of feeling like you lack the knowledge to market yourself.

Learn how to create a Spiral Healing Program and say good-bye to the one-and-done approach!

Let go of anything blocking you from charging clients what you are worth!

What is a Mission Statement and do you need one?


• A business plan for immediate and long term use. • A business model for the sustainability of your practice.
• A new belief structure in your subconscious mind that will allow you to attract clients and be an unstoppable success!


• How to take personal defining life-changing situations and make them work for your practice.
• My Integrated Holistic Marketing System’ • The Metaphysics of Marketing • How to create passive income for your practice.


Yourself and your hypnosis practice with confidence, enthusiasm and inspiration to bring your gifts and talents into the world!

After This Workshop You Will Have:

• A deeper understanding of what may have been blocking your hypnosis practice.
• You will have moved out from marketing chaos and will have a goal/action plan guide that can be implemented right away.
• You’ll have more clarity on who your specific client is and how to market to their specific needs so they want to work with you.
• You will be able to create special hypnosis programs/packages for your clients personal success and achievements.

• You will have a full understanding of how the Law of Attraction and Assumption works in your personal life and that of your clients, adding support to the sustainability of your practice.
• You will learn how to unleash your power to prosper to be an Unstoppable Success!
• You will be ready to step into the spotlight to show the power of our profession when sharing the vision with everyone you meet!
• Everyone will receive a 25 page workbook PDF to download and use!

Let The Inner Serve The Outer!

A portion of the day will be dedicated for inner work:
What are the personal fears and uncomfortable feelings you carry into your hypnosis practice?
What are your beliefs about money? These unconscious blocks may be crippling your business. Using my Integrated Holistic Marketing System, we will uncover and release these emotional frozen frames of lack and limitation.
Then you will create the New You Image of how you want to be as a successful Certified Consulting Hypnotist!

After this 1-day workshop you will have all the steps in place to launch your business and start seeing clients!

Regular Tuition: $127

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hypnodebi@gmail.com . 510.685.5505