Hypnosis & Intuitive Awakenings

Fear To Fabulous: Jumpstart Your Hypnosis Practice In 6 Weeks

• Are you a newly certified hypnotist, wondering how to navigate the waters of being a business owner?
• Do you lack confidence in facilitating a a kick-ass hypnosis session?
• Have you hit a plateau with your practice and can’t seem to move beyond?
• Are you charging enough money for your sessions and if not . . . why?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have you covered!

In this 6 week program you will:
• Create a Client Intake form and Client Bill of Rights
• Learn how to file/store client information
• Learn key points in setting up your office, either from home or a rental space
• Learn the importance of a strong Pre-Talk – and create one to use!
• Session structure from start to finish
• How to choose the right induction for each client
• How to make sure your web site drives traffic to you

What You Will Receive:
• Initial Jumpstart Clarity Call
• 6 Group Mastermind Meetings (Zoom)
• 2 Private sessions to release inner blocks and create your personal action plan
• Accountability tasks and assignments
• Unlimited email access to me for your questions and concerns


6 Month Program: Self-Sabotage to Triumph! Anchoring Your Business in Success & Sustainability

A deeper dive into your hypnosis business.
Some of the issues we will cover:

• Taxes: Do you have a hobby or a business?
• Cross-referrals from other professionals
• How to get speaking opportunities
• The Holy Trinity of Marketing: Branding, Core Values, Vision/Mission Statements
• Selling from the stage
• Tribal Marketing
• How to create your personal Spiral Healing Programs for sustainability
• Restructuring your beliefs about money, finances and abundance
• Re-set your internal dialogue to become a client magnet

What You Will Receive:
• Initial Clarity Consultation Call
• 7 Group Mastermind Meetings (Zoom)
• 4 Private sessions including a Business Relationship Intuitive Reading
• Accountability tasks and assignments
• Unlimited email access