Hypnosis & Intuitive Awakenings

Professional Clairvoyant Training Program

Learn How To Read For Fun & Profit

~ A 6 Month Intensive Training ~

You Will Learn:

  • How to translate energy into colors and pictures; the language of Spirit.
  • How to read from your 6th chakra, the ‘third eye’.
  • How to interpret the seven main layers of the human aura to offer feedback and guidance to the people you read.
  • The seven main chakras and how they work in your body.
  • How to create a SAFE and GROUNDED environment for both you and your Readee!
  • How to make energy separations after each session so you don’t take on the problems/energy of those you read.
  • How to create healthy boundaries for yourself every day!

The Benefits of Reading:

  • Gain confidence and certainty
  • Discover psychic/intuitive abilities you may not know you are using.
  • Develop better communication skills.
  • Get validated for what you’re tuning into in your personal life.
  • Reclaim your power.
  • Learn to decipher the truth from a lie within yourself.
  • Cultivate a stronger connection with the God of your Heart.
  • Enhance your relationship with the Divine.