Hypnosis & Intuitive Awakenings

I am a blockbuster! I help people uncover and release inner blocks, imprints and old beliefs that have them feeling stuck and unable to move forward. I help individuals discover and step into their Noble Purpose in life and show them how to express their greatness with ease. 


Hi, I’m Debi Livingston, Board Certified Hypnotist/Instructor and Professional Clairvoyant! I have been practicing and teaching meditation, metaphysical mind sciences and hypnosis since 1978 with students and clients around the world.

Working with various modalities within the subconscious, I help clients release psychic scars and deep wounds preventing them from living the life of their dreams. My Healed Heart Hypnosis and Intuitive Awakenings certification trainings have been described as life changing!

My business coaching program, Light Your Fire ™,  helps alternative holistic practitioners attract clients while learning how to navigate the waters of being a successful business owner.

I was the National Guild of Hypnotists Member of the Year in 2006, a Solid Gold Presenter in 2006 and 2011 and was inducted into the prestigious Order of Braid Council in 2010.


Debi Livingston